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Growth Hacking is a form of online marketing. It was born out of a need to grow quickly without having a fat wallet. The term "Growth Hacking" was coined by Sean Ellis who worked with companies like Dropbox and Eventbrite.

Growth Hackers are people fluent in marketing and technology. They look for ways to increase ideal customer growth using free or low cost tools and growth loops. Sean Ellis defined a growth hacker as "A person whose true north is growth."

Pirate metrics are the key success measures for a Growth Hacker to analyse. The acronym AARRR (pronounced like a pirate) is used as a quick reminder for: Acquisition, Activation, Run on site, Retention and, Referral.

Growth loops (also called the network effect) are self sustaining loops that feed discovery. A good example are the "Powered By" links one sees around the web and which has been found to increase growth by 25%.

The beauty of Growth Hacking techniques is that they can be transferred to most businesses due to their low cost yet results driven nature. Some prominent companies using the techniques are Uber, Dropbox, Buffer, and Hootsuite.

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